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Professional Adhesive & Sealants

Genkem-Europe is the exclusive supplier of Genkem ADHESIVES and SEALANTS for the Professional Building and Construction industry. Genkem products are designed for the top end of the market, to meet the highest demands with regards to quality, durability and aesthetics.

Genkem ADHESIVES and SEALANTS are the market leader with regards to the durability of their products. Our products are formulated from 100% inorganic materials, allowing the product excellent weather-resistant and anti-ageing properties.

Our application specialists can offer customers long-life guarantees, whilst meeting the highest construction standards and working within current environmental legislation. Moreover, our products are user-friendly and easy to apply.

Genkem ADEHSIVES can withstand high dynamic load and a have a very high initial adhesion. Additional clamping is no longer necessary and even vertical elements can be bonded fast and without extra support.

Through continuous investment in new technology and trends and by working together with innovators and end-users, Genkem adapts its products to continuous changing developments in the international construction industry.

Genkem ADHESIVES and SEALANTS are suitable for applications in residential and commercial construction, petrochemical, cement, engineering, hospital, school, airport and private markets, rail infrastructure, high traffic areas and industrial production areas.



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